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Positive Impact Ministries

The world offers a lot of opportunities for us to select the life style that is well pleasing to the heart, soul, and mind. Our selection becomes the manmade machine that powers and controls our every emotion, move, and thought. That it manipulates an image of the individual. Therefore, creating a stronghold and habitual activity. Which then forms a prison that resides in the mind.

Sometimes what the world offers will overwhelm us. It changes the way we see ourselves. Situations, circumstances, and even our surroundings will also replace who we believe we are. Therefore, forcing us to set goals and purpose that truly push us further away from our real self. P.I.M. brings a clear view through God's word on who we really are as a people with purpose that will help thrive changing lives in making a Positive Impact. Which is by exposing the God given potential and bringing clarity to an already strategic mind set to be successful and rich in His glory....

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