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             Changing Perspectives

                   Changing Lives

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Don't let life's troubles get in the way of your destiny

There is not a day that goes by that doesn't push us to make decisions. Some positive and some not so great. That in times we find ourselves in critical situations. It was once said that "loose your mind you loose everything", or that "the power is in your mind to be successful". No matter the day we must choose to overcome the perception that will defeat us. For we as humans were created to be conquerors. Our destiny awaits us.

Community Development Corporation

 Youth Association

Education Program

Provision Center

Health Center

Fellowship of the Unashamed

Frontline Youth Ministry

Perspective Adult Program

Ambassador Program

Stand Fast Prison Ministry

Vision of Hope

Freedom Fighters Boxing

Heir Born Children's Ministry

Discipleship Program

Branch Out

What a generous heart this Ministry has for our Community. They had the best event for Christmas with free bikes, pictures with Santa and everyone left with a gift and a smile!!

Debbie Gordon - Funtastical faces Entertainment

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